UC Davis Managerial Economics

Prospective and New Students

What is Managerial Economics?

Managerial Economics goes beyond the limits of traditional economics and business majors, blending a thorough grounding in economic theory with business knowledge and applications. The program provides an in-depth exposure to economics and quantitative methods, problem-solving strategies, critical thinking, and effective communication skills.

Why Choose Managerial Economics?

  • Real-world focus integrating economic theory and practice
  • Course work is applicable to many career paths
  • Preparation for graduate programs including Business Administration, Accountancy, Law, Finance, and Economics
  • Students have exceptional networking, internship, and employment opportunities
  • Scholarships, student involvement, and study-abroad opportunities available.

Once accepted to UC Davis

Typical First Year Schedule for Entering Freshman

MAT 16A (Calculus)3MAT 16B (Calculus)3MAT 16C (Calculus)3
General Education (GE)3-4PLS 21 (App of Computers in Tech)3ECN 1B (Macroeconomics)4
English (UWP, Workload, etc)4GE3-4GE4
First-Year Seminar (elective)1-2GE3-4GE4
Total units for quarter:13-14Total units for quarter:14Total units for quarter:15

Recommended 3-quarter Academic Plan for Transfer Students (provided preparatory course work has been completed)

Fall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring Quarter

ARE 100A (not ECN 100A)ARE 100BARE 106
ARE 1XX (restricted elective)STA 103ARE 1XX (restricted elective)
  • Elective = units toward degree requirements, possibly minor or general education classes
  • Students should seek advising regularly to develop an updated academic plan and for proper sequencing of classes.
  • Prerequisites in upper division ARE courses are strictly enforced. The department reserves the right to drop students from any ARE class if all prerequisites have not been successfully completed.
  • All upper division core and restricted electives to fulfill major requirements must be taken for a letter grade. Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) grading will not be accepted.


Once a student is "active" at UC Davis, appointments may be made 24 hours in advance via the online appointment calendar:  https://appointments.ucdavis.edu/.  If assistance is needed, students should email manecon@primal.ucdavis.edu or call 530-754-9536.

Students not yet declared in the Managerial Economics major

  • Students may not change majors until after successfully completing at least one quarter at UC Davis (must be in good academic standing).
  • The first step to changing majors is to meet with a Managerial Economics Staff Advisor to develop an academic study plan (appointment needed).
  • Current UC Davis undergraduate students wishing to change their major to Managerial Economics need to have completed Calculus (MAT 16A/B/C or 17A/B or 21A/B), Microeconomics (ECN 1A), Macroeconomics (ECN 1B), and Elementary Statistics 13 (STA 13) with a C- or higher before switching.
  • Students in good academic standing may submit a Change of Major petition online in OASIS:
    • Logon with your UCD LoginID and Kerberos password.
    • Click the “Forms & Petitions” tab, then “Submit a New Form.”
    • Complete and submit both the Change of Major petition and Academic Plan. Change of Major petitions not accompanied by online academic plans will not be approved.

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Student Advising Services: 530-754-9536
Agricultural and Resource Economics Main Office: 530-752-1515