UC Davis Managerial Economics

PTA Policy

PTA’s are not issued for ARE classes. The only way to get into a full class is from the wait list.  Please do not make an appointment, email, or drop by to request a PTA from your instructor, advising staff, or peer advisors.

Although there may be extenuating circumstances to your situation, the following are not considered exceptions to this policy:

  • Classes dropped due to non-payment of fees
  • Classes dropped accidentally
  • Time conflicts with other classes
  • Missing your Pass 1 registration opportunity
  • Deciding during Pass 2 that you want to change your schedule
  • The class is listed on your academic plan for the current quarter 
  • Completing a Managerial Economics Minor
  • Completing ARE classes for other majors (even if your major requires or recommends an ARE class)
  • Circumventing course restrictions                             


  • Enroll in an alternate course if the class you need/want is full (see peer advisors if you need suggestions)
  • Once the quarter begins, attend the wait listed class until you are dropped.  NOTE:  You may not hand in homework
  • In the future, make sure you have an up-to-date academic plan before enrolling during Pass 1
  • Students who cannot enroll in ARE classes during Pass 1 due to restrictions may enroll during Pass 2 or add to the wait list if the class is full

Wait lists are dropped on the 12th day of instruction, and you are not guaranteed a seat.

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