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Optional Internship Credit

Request for approval of internship.

Procedures for obtaining internship units in Managerial Economics (Requests due no later than the 10th day of instruction)

Managerial Economics students with over 84 total units may earn 1 to 2 units of upperdivision internship credit (ARE 192). To expedite the process please follow theseguidelines:

  1. Internship position must be relevant to the major. Students are responsible for finding position.
  2. Some employers require you to be enrolled in units, but if they don't require it and you don't need the extra units, we recommend that you forego the units and apply for transcript notation only (see #8 below).
  3. If you need the units, the next step is to find a faculty sponsor. If you need suggestions, please see the faculty and lecturers pages.
  4. Download and print the managerial economics optional internship credit form.
  5. Fill out as much information as you can, then meet with your faculty sponsor so they can fill out the faculty portion and sign the form. Note: to earn 1 unit you must complete a 5-page paper; for 2 units you must complete a 10-page paper to be submitted to your faculty sponsor by their deadline (no later than the last day of instruction).
  6. Before the 10th day of the quarter - bring the completed and signed form to Student Services (1176-A  SS&H). No appointment necessary. Student Services staff will request the Master Advisor’s signature and, if approved, will send you an email with the CRN.
  7. Requests submitted after the 10th day of instruction will not be approved.
  8. We recommend obtaining transcript notation with or without the ARE 192 units. Contact the Internship and Career Center for transcript notation.
  9. Before the last day of instruction - have your site supervisor complete and sign the “Site Supervisor Evaluation form” then submit it with your final paper to your faculty sponsor.

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