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Student-Alumni Career Day Helps Managerial Economics Students Succeed in the Job Market

Nov. 13, 2017

Steven Weiss, president of The Weiss Group and alumnus of the managerial economics program, speaks to a full house during the marketing/sales workshop of Student-Alumni Career Day.
Student-Alumni Career Day 2017 was a chance for managerial economics students to learn valuable tips about finding jobs after graduation. It helped that the advice came from the experience of managerial economics alumni who are now successful professionals across a variety of occupations.

“I think it’s a fantastic day,” said Benjamen Luu, a managerial economics student on track to earn his bachelor’s degree in June 2019. “It allows a lot of students the opportunity to network and speak to former UC Davis graduates to learn more about their industries.”

This annual event is organized by student services staff of the Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) Department. Held this year on Saturday, Nov. 4, workshop topics included accounting, internships/study abroad, marketing/sales, agribusiness/supply-chain management, consulting, data analytics, finance/investment banking, human resources, and risk management. Workshops were taught by managerial economics alumni.

“The workshops are great,” Luu said. “The ones I chose really gave me an eye-opening experience about how the speakers developed their skills and what skills are necessary to succeed in that position.”

Amber Ofiesh, an accounting program developer at State Street Bank who earned a managerial economics bachelor’s degree in 2013, co-led an accounting workshop. Ofiesh said she struggled to land her first job. She sent many resumes and sought help from campus, family, and friends. Ofiesh volunteered to teach a workshop in order “to share my fears, my insecurities, and my success with the students who will be going through the same things soon when they graduate,” she said.

“I think this event is great,” Ofiesh added. “I think the students are getting useful tools and advice that can help them decide what they can do with their major, what they’re going to expect when they enter the workforce, and how to really land that first job and make a good impression.”

Andrea Salah, a mergers and acquisitions technical recruiter at Facebook who earned a managerial economics bachelor’s degree in 2013, was one of three leaders in a human resources workshop. Whereas HR may not be thought of as a career track for a managerial economics student, Salah wanted to share with students “that you really can do anything with this major,” she said. “The main thing to me is that managerial economics teaches you how to learn.”

Other advice Salah had to offer is that graduating students should be open to possibilities, and not decide that they only want to pursue one job.

“Your first job is not your only job,” she advised. “Whatever you do right out of college is not going to shape every single job after that.”

More advice was shared during the “student-alumni networking opportunity,” a favorite part of the day for many. The attending alumni sat at separate tables. Students visited whichever table they chose in order to learn more about their preferred career paths or job industries.

Alexey Silin, graduating with a managerial economics bachelor’s degree in December 2017, enjoyed the informal nature of the networking tables. It allowed him to speak on more of a personal level with the alumni in order to see similarities of experience and better understand what he can do to succeed in the job market.

“I think it’s an awesome event and I would recommend it to any student,” Silin said. “And I would not wait until your senior year. I would go to these as soon as possible.”

ARE student services staff ended the day expressing thanks to all alumni, faculty, staff, and peer advisors who helped make the event possible.

“We truly hope students gain as much as they can from this annual event, especially with all the support so many give in making it possible,” said Justin Smalley, undergraduate advisor in managerial economics. “The students are truly fortunate to have such great alumni willing to take time out of their busy lives to help them out.”

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