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Linda Tran Vo Was Nominated as Our 2017 WAEA Outstanding Senior

May 30, 2017

Linda Tran Vo was nominated as our WAEA Outstanding Senior. She has a 3.600 overall GPA and a 3.800 major GPA. Linda says,

"Majoring in Managerial Economics with an emphasis in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics has given me a lot of insights in how economics can be applied to environmental problems. Since I am very passionate about the environment, I plan to utilize the tools and knowledge that I gained through my education to help evaluate environmental issues and policies from an economic perspective in the workplace, preferably with an environmental organization or governmental agency. I believe that taking some time off to work in the field will help me to further develop my skills, gain a better sense of the environmental problems that society is currently facing, and apply what I have learned to make a positive impact on the world. Afterwards, I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Environmental Economics and Policy in order to further my knowledge and ability to use economics to address environmental issues and to see how others are using their knowledge and skills to make a difference."

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