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New Managerial Economics Advisor Chris Guevarra Strives to Help Students Succeed

Oct. 15, 2018

The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) is proud to welcome Chris Guevarra as an Undergraduate Advisor in Managerial Economics Student Services.

Excited to be part of the UC Davis family, Chris looks forward to helping students thrive every quarter.

“I want students to feel that they are not only learning about their major, but in a position where they can thrive and maybe learn a little more about themselves,” he said.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chris earned bachelor’s degrees in film and digital media as well as in politics from UC Santa Cruz. He met his wife at UCSC, and together they moved to Oakland after graduation. They moved with their two children to the Sacramento region in the summer of 2018.

Chris began his career of helping students while a resident advisor for two years at UCSC. He lived with students in dorms, made sure everybody was safe, resolved roommate issues, and organized social events.

“I feel that a lot of that experience of understanding what students are going through academically and outside of the classroom helps in my current role,” he said.

Chris’ resume includes working for six years at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, as an academic advisor, film studies tutor, and English learning support instructor. He also taught documentary filmmaking to students at Oakland International High School, a school for recently immigrated students and refugees.

Chris enjoys working as a student advisor because he knows how overwhelming it can be to navigate college life, and he wants to help.

“I’m a first-generation college student, and I didn’t grow up talking about higher education,” he said. “I learned through resources and academic support. I now want to provide that support to students in a similar situation so they can succeed in whatever career goals they have.”

As a member of the Managerial Economics advising team, Chris helps students progress through the program by helping to create balanced schedules and making sure they will fulfill graduation requirements for the major. He also listens to student concerns and recommends resources such as calculus tutoring, ICC, Dean’s Office advising, etc.

To make an appointment with Chris or another member of the Managerial Economics advising team, students may access the Online Advising Student Information System (OASIS) or visit https://appointments.ucdavis.edu/.

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