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ARE in ACTION: Professor J. Edward Taylor Researches Positive Impacts of Oil Palm Production in Kalangala

June 19, 2018

The ARE in ACTION series focuses on getting to know how ARE faculty and graduate students utilize the skills introduced in the managerial economics major to perform impactful research throughout the world.

Since 2005, there has been an oil palm project supported by government and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Kalangala, made up of 84 islands in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Promotion of oil palm production has been seen as a strategic effort to address high poverty rates and reduce Uganda's dependency on oil imports by increasing domestic production. Part of the project was the establishment of a trust for farmers to access credit in order to plant oil palm trees. By the end of 2017, about 10,000 hectares of oil palm trees were planted, including the plots of 1,800 individual smallholders. Research by J. Edward Taylor, professor and vice chair of the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis, demonstrated how this project increased income for local residents, as well as reduced over-fishing of Lake Victoria. As a result of this program's success, a second phase is now being considered to extend the program beyond the Kalangala district.

Click here to read an article about the project in Uganda's The Observer newspaper.

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