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Managerial Economics Major Tiger Garcia Named to Academic All-America Football Team

Jan. 9, 2019

Junior Managerial Economics major Tiger Garcia has been named to a 2018 Google Cloud Academic All-America Division I football team by the College Sports Information Directors of America. Garcia, a two-time Academic All-District honoree, earned a spot on the second team in 2018 because of his successes on the field as a defensive back for the UC Davis Aggies and by maintaining a 3.94 GPA while earning a Managerial Economics degree.

Garcia credits his high GPA to smart habits.

“Sit in the first three rows of class, do not check your phone while in class, and avoid studying in a distracting place like your home,” he advised. “Lastly, reading the books is not as important as the practice problems. Try to do these problems with your professor.”

Proper planning is just as important.

“Balancing football and Managerial Economics is no joke,” Garcia said. “The course load is daunting and football is a big commitment. Staying organized is the best way to balance the two. I put all my actions into a Google calendar so I the know the available time I have for studying or watching film. I also have a daily planner in which I write all my assignments.”

Allowing enough time for the body to rejuvenate also is key.

“Sleep is one of the most important factors of being at your best,” he said. “I prioritize a consistent sleep schedule in my life. It allows me to stay focused and more energetic throughout the day.”

A bonus to excelling scholastically is that Garcia was able to bring some Managerial Economics knowledge to the field.

“I learned in Organizational Management that the culture of a business dictates its future success,” he said. “For a football program, if guys are not holding each other accountable to a championship standard, the team will experience few wins. Teammates need to push each other every day in the weight room, practice field, film room, and classroom to win football games.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics, Garcia looks forward to having a family and working in finance or sales.

“One of my future goals is to be a great husband,” he said. “Having a great relationship with my future wife will be the best thing for my children. And I have always wanted to provide for my family. I have thought about doing this through financial advising or medical device sales. I want to lead people in these industries to be successful without losing their morality.”

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