UC Davis Managerial Economics

Meet new Managerial Economics Advisor María Saldaña

Oct. 15, 2019

María Saldaña began her academic advising career here on campus in the mid 90’s soon after she graduated from UC Davis with a BA in Spanish. As a first-generation student she participated in STEP (Summer Transition Enrichment Program) and was an active student member of La Raza Cultural Days and Gran Tardeada. Her love for nature takes her camping, this year to Yosemite Tuolumne Meadows. She enjoys long walks along the pacific coast and nearby rivers. Settling in Davis from Delano, CA, she built a family within the community that continues to grow as she meets new people in town. Her approach to advising is:

  • Take time to know the students, hear them, their story, their goals and aspirations.
  • Check-in to guide, celebrate and encourage along the way, and
  • Be resourceful and supportive to all students.

Attending classes at Sacramento State, volunteering at St. James Catholic Church and making time for her son, a freshman at Sonoma State, are a few of her pastimes when not at work. One of her favorite quotes is, “We are here for a short time, so let’s make it count by helping those in need and smile along the way to brighten the day!”

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