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Interested In Becoming A Managerial Economics Peer Advisor?

March 19, 2019

The application is now available online via Aggie Job Link, job ID: 848419. Positions are for the upcoming academic year, Fall 2019 through Spring 2020.

“I became a peer advisor so that I could have a fun job helping other students. I like being a peer advisor because I get to spend my time talking to people and helping them succeed in their major. As a Managerial Economics peer advisor, I primarily help students plan out their schedules in order to best optimize their time spent at Davis.”
- Alexander Poulos, 4th year, Business Economics Emphasis

“I love being a peer advisor because I am able to make connections with fellow students and help them along their academic journey. The reason I became a peer advisor was because when I was a freshman, both staff and student advisors guided me through my difficulties, and I wanted to do the same for others. The great thing about advising is that it does not just stop there--we also have weekly check-up meetings, plan Student-Alumni Career Day, and develop interpersonal skills.”
-Gloria Xu, 4th year, Business Economics Emphasis

“I decided to become a peer advisor because I wanted to get more involved with my academic discipline and help others out. As a peer advisor I really enjoy talking to my fellow student and helping them see their own potential. This has been a great opportunity for me to grow and learn in a professional environment while making a contribution to the Managerial Economics community.”
-Ashton Sein, 3rd year, Business Economics Emphasis


“I became a peer advisor because I wanted to assist students in navigating the requirements of the major. I enjoy talking with students about their academic goals, and I take pride in making them a unique academic plan that aligns with their career objectives. As a peer advisor, I have grown as a professional. I practice my interpersonal communication skills and problem solving abilities on a day-to-day basis. I also enjoy eating the snacks that we always have in the office!”
-Frank Mcgreal, 4th year, Business Economics Emphasis

“The Managerial Economics peer advisor that I first met with was energetic, passionate, and knowledgeable. He became my role model who inspired me to find out what kind of person I wanted to be at UC Davis. I also received a lot of help during the peer advising appointment, which encouraged me to become a peer advisor to assist more students. Being a peer advisor is such a great experience. I could guide students through the maze of major requirements and gain a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, I get inspired by meeting with students who are confident, know what they want to do, and proactively seek advice from others.”
- Huiyan Wu, 4th year, Business Economics Emphasis

“10/10 would recommend being a peer advisor. I’m able to serve students so they can have a great college experience that sets them up for future career success. Forming connections with staff advisors, my peers, and coworkers allows me to grow personally and professionally on a daily basis. This job is definitely one of the coolest experiences I have had at UC Davis!”
- Gracie Barajas, 4th year, Agribusiness Economics Emphasis

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