Honors Thesis Program Concludes with Student Presentations

Honors 2020

This year’s Undergraduate Honors Thesis Program concluded with participants presenting their research at two department brown bags on April 6, 2020. Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion session where students thoughtfully answered questions, addressed the challenges of limited data sets, as well as areas for further research. George Anagnostou, whose research analyzed PG&E stock prices throughout the wildfire crisis, gathered most of his data from the ARE Department Bloomberg Terminal stating that it “was invaluable in my research.” Other students spoke about finding or creating their unique data sets with the help of their advisors and in some cases a graduate student, like the movie box office data Katelyn Banh used for her thesis. Ian Xu summed up his experience with an appreciation of the challenges he encountered. He explained that it was one thing to answer questions with an edited data set for a class assignment but altogether a different experience trying to draw conclusions when using a completely new data set.

Seven Managerial Economics students participated in the program that provides an opportunity to get involved in academic research and to develop the analytical skills required to think clearly and coherently about economic matters. Over the course of two quarters, students developed original research projects with the guidance of a faculty advisor. In addition to the end of quarter presentations, the students will also present their research at the UC Davis Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities Conference scheduled for April 24th and 25th.

Managerial Economics Honors Thesis Program Participants and Thesis Topics

  • George Anagnostou (Advisor: Jeffrey Williams)
    • Thesis Topic: Identification and analysis of the response of investors, regulators, and consumers of PG&E throughout the wildfire and bankruptcy crisis.
  • Katelyn Banh (Advisor: Kristin Kiesel)
    • Thesis Topic: Analysis of movie box office predictors in the age of streaming services.
  • Kathy Huang (Advisor: Jens Hilscher)
    • Thesis Topic: Identification of how effective technical indicators, MA and RSI, can forecast risk and volatility in both the U.S. and Chinese markets.
  • Fabio Kammler (Advisor: Colin Carter)
    • Thesis Topic: Analysis of the UK’s economic performance before and during the EU membership.
  • Ranjini Srikantan (Advisor: Ashish Shenoy)
    • Thesis Topic: What is the impact of access to microfinance to women on social and demographic indicators in different regions across India?
  • Kajal Raju (Advisor: Dalia Ghanem)
    • Thesis Topic: Exploration of different aspects within digital health technology and the business of digital healthcare.
  • Ian Xu (Advisor: Jeffrey Williams)
    • Thesis Topic: Analysis of the underlying determinants of hate crimes across states using data gathered by the FBI and U.S. Census Bureau.