Kajal Raju Receives Outstanding Senior Award in Managerial Economics
Kajal Raju Receives Outstanding Senior Award in Managerial Economics

Congratulations to Kajal Raju for being named the Outstanding Senior in Managerial Economics!  The Outstanding Senior award recognizes an exceptional undergraduate senior in the major who has achieved academic excellence.

Raju's nomination was supported by Professors Dalia Ghanem and Jeffrey Williams. 

"Kajal Raju is a graduating senior majoring in managerial economics and dance with a nearly perfect GPA.  She has a vision for her role as a global citizen and plenty of determination to achieve her ambitious goals.  Her undergraduate honors thesis illustrates this. Despite the challenges she faced finding data, Kajal was determined to study patient preferences toward telemedicine seeing the potential of this technology to broaden healthcare access to all - a question that could not be more pertinent today. This well-rounded Aggie has a holistic vision for business that will make for a unique and fruitful career path," Professor Ghanem said.    

Raju is honored to be recognized for the award and privileged to be a part of the Managerial Economics major. She is grateful for the past four years. 

"Graduating in 2020 comes with great challenges, and therefore great opportunities for innovation. My degree in Managerial Economics has equipped me with the critical thinking, technical, and interpersonal skills I need to innovate in the face of adversity, at the intersection of business and technology. I will be pursuing my passions for business strategy and advanced technology by joining the Wells Fargo Technology team after graduation. My experiences in this department-- from my first lower division courses to the past year dedicated to my honors thesis-- have shaped me into the thinker and person I am today. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and learn here for the past four years," Raju said.