New AAEA Publication Details ARE Professor Kristin Kiesel’s Work Developing Important Campus Support Resource

Frequently Asked Questions – UC Davis Student Resources
Frequently Asked Questions – UC Davis Student Resources

ARE Assistant Professor of Teaching Kristin Kiesel co-authored a recent article for the AAEA Applied Economics Teaching Resources describing the development of an online resource page for students, faculty, and staff at UC Davis. The article describes the genesis and ongoing development of the robust FAQ page designed to provide information to students, particularly in times of high stress, as well as to faculty and staff supporting students.  

Explaining the importance of providing easy access to support resources, particularly as the Covid-19 pandemic impacted in-person learning, the authors stated:

"The transition to remote teaching and learning likely increased existing disparities and added new challenges—some students thrived at home while others were unable to fully participate or concentrate on learning. Some but not all reached out asking for help or special accommodations because of their unique situations directly. We are actively involved in a systematic review of institutional biases that hinder and new approaches that support learning outcomes for students from underrepresented minorities, and continue to explore ways to support every student’s well-being and success. Ensuring that information about support services and resources is easily available to all students is just the first but very important step in these efforts." 

Read the article titled “Curating Campus Support Resources to Provide Easy Access for All Students”  here 

Visit the FAQ page here.