Selective Major

Selective Major - Transfer Student

Transfer Students

For the best opportunity for transferability into the Managerial Economics undergraduate major, it is recommended for students to follow the UC Transfer Pathways curriculum for Business Administration.  In addition to the courses listed under the Transfer Pathways, it is recommended to also complete Business Law (ARE 18, 4 units) and Computer Applications (PLS 21, ECS 10 or 15, 3-4 units).  Beginning for fall 2020 admission, transfer candidates must complete coursework comparable to the following UC Davis courses with a C- or higher to be admitted into the Managerial Economics major:

  • Calculus (MAT 16A/B or MAT 17A/B or MAT 21A/B)

  • Microeconomics (ECN 1A)

  • Macroeconomics (ECN 1B)

  • Statistics (STA 13)

Change of Major

Current UC Davis students looking to change their major into Managerial Economics must meet with a staff advisor to create an academic study plan and need to submit a change of major petition.  Before a change of major will be approved, students need to have completed the full Calculus series (MAT 16A/B/C or MAT 17A/B or MAT 21A/B) and either Microeconomics (ECN 1A) or Macroeconomics (ECN 1B).  All of these courses require a C- or higher.